Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life Station

We have a drafting table in our bedroom that doubled as my husband's desk while he was taking some licensure classes for his job. Now that he's finished, I've taken it over as my PL work station. I am a floor scrapper (and sometimes a bed scrapper) so I don't find the need for tabletops much. I usually like to spread out my supplies around me when I work. I put a shoe rack shelf from Target on top and voila!
Here is a look at my PL station.

All the pails you see are from Target's dollar area. The pink one has my collection of washi tape and the big silver one has tools I'll need often (scissors, tape runner, corner rounder, date stamp, black ink pad). I keep the paper trimmer nearby!

The pails on the left have scrapbooking pens, regular pens (for marking the calendar you will see in the next photo) and nothing. That one's empty until I figure out what to put in it. The big bucket (which was actually supposed to be an Easter basket with chalkboard panels from Target- got a bunch of them on clearance) holds punches and other misc. tools. I also keep my camera cords in the bucket for easy uploading to my laptop or photo printer (not pictured- it's underneath the desk).

This wire locker basket I got for a steal at a flea market (should have bought more after I talked the seller down!) holds some old Project Life cards I didn't use, stamps, ink pads, and stamp wipes. There is also a cheap calendar (from Target, of course, for $1.50) to keep track of what we did each day.

These three Iris boxes hold my supplies. Top left has paper scraps and embellishments, the top right has patterned paper that I pulled from my stash. The bottom right box has stickers- mostly alphas that coordinate with the paper I pulled. I also have two albums- the black one is for PL and the blue is the Becky Higgins Cobalt album for my newborn's baby book. On the top shelf I have the Cobalt Core Kit but that's reserved mostly for the baby album. I am using some of the grid cards for my PL, though.

Having this in my bedroom helps me because it's one of the only places that I can get a little quiet and still have it be warm (our basement, where I keep most of my scrap stuff, is quite chilly in the winter). 

I am busy printing my photos for Week 1 and I can't wait to show you the title page (in progress as we haven't gotten a good family photo yet) and my first few pages of 2012!

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